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As for anti-hail, this solution consists of a tensile structure made of concrete posts that are connected to each other by wires and cables and kept under tension by the anchorages (anchors or cement plates) installed in the ground.

The cover consists of an anti-rain film and, if needed, an anti-hail net, which are simultaneously opened to protect the plants against adverse weather conditions. The anti-rain film is made of two parts and is attached in a continuous manner with an elastic cable to ensure wind loading discharge and consequent protection from tearing. The anti-hail net is fixed film by film, until achieving an inclined position aimed to confer the right amount of elasticity to bear stress from hail. Furthermore, between one film and the other, small openings allow hail stones to flow out. The main feature of this type of system lies in the fact that the net does not fully lean on the structure, but rather on a ridge wire in order to prevent it from moving sideways under the weight of hail, and thus from exposing the orchard. The anti-rain film only stays open for 30 days, while the risk of hail lasts for at least 150 days. Therefore, our anti-hail net will protect the orchard during the remaining part of the risk period.