Innovative Solutions for Modern Agriculture
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Soluții inovative pentru agricultură modernă
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Innovative Solutions for Modern Agriculture

All for modern vineyards and orchards: Complete services for plantation establishment, protection systems, accessories and agricultural machinery.

About Dilexis

Choosing our company means choosing services, products, systems and goods that comply with European Union standards, quality machinery and modern technologies that are the result of the company's commitment to promote efficient farming and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
Dilexis offers complete vineyard and orchard establishment services, from design and soil preparation to marketing and installation of accessories for support systems, protection systems and fencing systems. 
Plantation planning
Support and protection systems
Land deforestation/clearing
Soil preparation
Plantation maintenance
Mechanized planting
Agricultural machinery
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Complete services for success in agriculture

Dilexis offers a wide range of services for the establishment and maintenance of vineyards and orchards
Soil preparation services
Above-ground deforestation
Underground deforestation
Subsoiling services
Ploughing services
Soil cultivation
Fine ground preparation
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Plantation establishment and maintenance services
Mechanized planting
Installation of support systems
Installation of protection systems
Fencing systems
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Products and accessories
Planting varieties
Anti-hail and anti-rain products
Meteo systems
Fencing products
Harvesting products
Agricultural machinery
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If you have any questions about our services or products, contact us by email, phone or the form on the website and we will be happy to answer all your queries.
We prepare the soil for planting:
We use advanced machinery to clean the soil, level and prepare the land for maximum efficiency and quality harvest.
Establishment of vineyards and orchards:
Our team of specialists will help you in the development and establishment of your vineyard or orchard to get the best and healthiest trees and vines.
Plantation maintenance:
At Dilexis, we care about the health and growth of your crops and offer integrated maintenance and care services for vines, fruit trees and other crops.

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Plantation design - Deforestation - Soil preparation - Macanized planting - Supply of accessories - Installation of support systems - Installation of protection systems 
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