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About Us

Our company always offers the customer a complete and efficient service, from the design and supply of the cuttings and their planting to the installation of the support/protection system, the testing of the completed system with the technical assistance repeated over the years, accessories, and machinery.

Choosing our company means choosing services, products, systems (e.g. anti-hail - anti-rain), and goods that comply with the standards imposed by the European Union, quality machines that are the result of the company's commitment to achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

Latest news

Mechanized planting

Будучи первой компанией, которая механизировала посадки в Республике Молдова, благодаря полученным хорошим урожаям и достижению самого высокого ...

The new CIMA spayers - the top of the ranking

Используя уникальную систему малообъемного воздуха Вентури CIMA, вы можете сэкономить огромное количество воды при распылении с помощью наших ...

Anti-Rain net - new technology!

DILEXIS LLC-- innovative technologies and services for modern agriculture.


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